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Keeping track of your work results in every moment gives you strength and confidence


Convert Spreadsheets

It's very easy to start converting spreadsheets for your job actions. Just send your spreadsheets


Create Web Application

Let us create a small app to insert your data and see the result as a reports. To be able to develop the app and create many reports.


Upload Web Application

Upload web app to domain with subdomain with your name or company name


Design and develop

Work on designing and developing your business on the Internet by developing jobs and linking jobs to each other. We participated with you step by step to develop a program that corresponds to the nature of your work and not like ready-made programs and not like Excel programs that are very difficult to work on it as working groups


Analysis your business data

Analysis your business data is important for every team work so it's beed implemented from the beginging and designed to produce reports based on very little input information.

  • If you set it up correctly you will get acces to great result
  • Easy to integrate in your website
  • The generated reports are important for your strategy

Now Is The Time To Upgrade Your Work Solution

Target the right solution for your business with the suitable technology and right database which you are built it with our hand assestant.

  • Understand jobs and meet requirements
  • Targete what jobs need from technology

How do you add value on the jop?

What better way to manage your work i think you must sharing to create and devolep your company program. To organize work and improve means of communication between departments, and speed decision-making .

Pricing Options Table

1 Excel sheet
One-Year Pre-Payment
3 Excel sheet
One-Year Pre-Payment
Let's Talk

Financial manager and expert in creating websites and creating database to get the best analyzes of your business , monitoring the business wherever you are and to obtain the speed required to make the right decisions.
Human Resources Dashboard examples. A HR dashboard is an advanced analytics tool that displays important HR metrics using interactive data visualizations. It helps the HR department to improve recruiting processes, optimize the workplace management as well as to enhance the overall employee performance.
Human Resources Dashboard
Break-even analysis entails the calculation and examination of the margin of safety for an entity based on the revenues collected and associated costs. Analyzing different price levels relating to various levels of demand a business uses break-even analysis to determine what level of sales are necessary to cover the company's total fixed costs. A demand-side analysis would give a seller significant insight regarding selling capabilities.
Breakeven Calculator 3sites
Mall management is defined as an overall operation and maintenance of the entire building infrastructure, including the services and utilities, ensuring that they are used in a way that are consistent with the purpose for which it was acquired..
Mall Management System
Wedding Budget Calculator Create and calculate a wedding budget, either from scratch or from a sample wedding budget.
Wedding Budget